December 2018 Kodyna strengthening the team by employing an electronic and software senior. The employment is part of the company’s engagement within electric drives and embedded system solutions.

November 2018 Kodyna engages in autonomous construction machines. As a part of the company’s leading navigation and guidance competence Kodyna broadens its strategy from electric drive systems to also include autonomy.

October 2018 Kodyna signs contract with Innovation Norway for supporting the company’s electric and zero emission strategy. A strategy aimed at bringing advanced development and production business and employment to the region in close cooperation with leading international machine producers.

October 2018 Kodyna enter contract for electrification of heavy construction vehicle. The project is part of the strategic focus for our client to have zero emission construction sites. The project is supported and joined by two large and leading international companies in the construction business.

October 2018 Kodyna starts development of a new compact PTO reduction gearbox. The gearbox will be used in combination with an ongoing program with high performance permanent magnet generators.

October 2018 Kodyna starts development of a high performance hydrostatic actuator. The actuator will be used for dynamic control application in the maritime market.

September 2018 Kodyna successfully delivers a study for special electromechanical precision actuators. The actuator is planned used in a unique space rocket concept. The study was done in cooperation with an international leading company in the space industry.

August 2018 Kodyna successfully test its own developed low cost permanent magnet motor with integrated controller. The first motor in range 10 to 20kW is the first in a series of motor ranging from about 5 kW and up to 80 kW.

August 2018 Kodyna delivers final study for automated production cell to a leading Solar Power company.

February - May 2018 Kodyna have increasing activity in aerospace actuators. New development for major program started.

March - May 2018 Kodyna engages in electrification of heavy drivelines for global leading company.

April 2018 Kodyna successfully tests its in-house designed and produced high speed 3D printer. The printer competes with significantly more expensive technologies from leading brands.

March 2018 Kodyna is closing the financial results of 2017 with significant increase (+75%) in turnover and strong EBIT.

March 2018 Kodyna signs new order for concept development with major subsea OEM.

January 2018 Kodynas increase engagement in the Solar Power industry. Activities includes study and solutions for increasing the production and processing efficiency of Silicon Wafers.

January 2018 Kodyna launches internal program for systematic and rapid development of customised actuators for demanding applications. The program targets electric actuators typically operating under harsh conditions (subsea, maritime, defence, automotive, aerospace ++).

September - December 2017 Kodyna is deeply involved in developing a fully electric drive line & hybrid platform for boats.

December 2017 Kodyna is involved in planning and developing of an industrial material tracking system towards I4.0.

December 2017 Kodyna engages in the Solar Power industry with a global leading client.

November 2017 Kodyna delivers positive test results to our customer for brake-through controller solution of electric motor driven actuators used in extreme environment.

November 2017 Kodyna delivers highly specialized measurement equipment for measuring electric properties to a customer.

October 2017 Kodyna receives concept study for integrated rocket engine controller solutions for major commercial space rocket manufacturer.

September 2017 Kodyna succeeded in developing a state of the art FDM 3D Printer with high speed and accuracy.

August 2017 Kodyna increases activities towards Industry 4.0 improvements for a major global process industry client.

June 2017 Kodyna and our strategic partner receives major funding from Norsk Forskningsråd/Oslofjordfondet for development of new electric motors and control platform for operation of small and medium sized boats.

June 2017 As a part of a running 3-years frame agreement signed in June-2016 with a major international industrial customer Kodyna receives 3 new projects.

June 2017 Kodyna receives concept study of control units for commercial space rocket engines from major international client.

May 2017 Kodyna receives approval funding from Skattefunn for 3D printing technology development.

April 2017 Kodyna signs contract for Actuator Prototype deliveries to a global major vehicle manufacturer.

February 2017 Kodyna signs contract for development of new actuator technology with a global major vehicle manufacturer.

January 2017 Kodyna signs a feasibility study contract for material tracking system through the complete value chain.

December 2016 Kodyna with partner takes on feasibility study for a global major vehicle manufacturer.

December 2016 Kodyna enter into contract containing development of system elements for unmanned arial systems and sensors.

October 2016 Kodyna strengthen the mechanical systems team by employing two additional designers.

September 2016 Kodyna congratulates our co-owning partner, Tronrud Engineering, with a break through contract on turn-key development and delivery of a large number of production cells based on additive titanium process, aimed for the international aircraft industry.

June 2016 Kodyna invest in two rapid prototype machines for additive manufacturing based on fused deposit of thermoplastics.

May 2016 Kodyna signs contract with a leading international space system supplier.

March 2016 Kodyna signs new contract with a major automotive OEM, supporting development of driveline precision systems.